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the purpose behind this category is to promote the efforts of private individuals who provide a display at there expense for no other purpose than to provide a display to the public.


These displays should be perminnate in nature and viewable from public accessible land.


They could be a sculpture or a diorama set-up to depict a typical event. eg fishing by the dam, out camping by the billabong.

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I guess these are covered by existing categories. A sculpture is a sculpture no matter who owns it, others could maybe go into the roadside attractions category and so on.


I do not see how you could brush up your idea into a viable proposal. But you can try, maybe I just have not got your point.

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To clarify the point is the art is placed on private property and the main purpose is the viewing pleasure of passer-bys the artist takes no recognition for the work nor any credit for it. They do it just for the fun and to display there talents.

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I'm not even sure what you have in mind. I think there might be a huge problem with lack of prevalent sites. Maybe you could post some examples. I've been through a lot of farm country, and I've seen some barn art, and old farm implements, but that's about all. And the country where I live now has none of that.

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have posted an uncategorised example WMDTK9 Farm Art example- BBQ by the dam, Lockhart, NSW, Australia.


Please have a look and comment on what you think


Looking at the example I would post the truck in the Permanent Car Displays and the sculpture possibly in figurative sculptures though it really appears to be of temporary construction (what I would call a scare crow) even though it has been out for many years. I have different sculptures in figurative, silhouettes, abstract categories that are in farm fields placed by farm owners but I think it is better to have them categorized by the type of art rather than location or ownership. If we have "Farm Art" do we need "Museum Art", "City Hall Art", "Public Park Art"

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The idea is not to add topics it is that the current topics have a requirement of the artist or a precise location of the object however this is not possible as the artist is unknown and the case of museums and other art locations is part of the display also contains information about the artist. In the case of farm art the name of the artist is unknown and the art is about giving passerbys the pleasure of viewing there work and possible a giggle.


In the case of putting mulitple waymarks at one location I don't think it is appropriate in this type of art/diorama form.


It is about the overall visual.

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There are numerous farm art displays listed on the Smithsonian Art Inventory, and most if not all do specify the artist. One thing I find frustrating is that they are hard to find based on the directions given!


I do think the Farm Art category idea would be redundant to existing categories.

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