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Most consecutive days with a FTF?


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How many days in a row did you manage to be First To Find?




I really have no interest in the FTF game, and even if I did, I live in an area where it's not uncommon to have no new caches published within 20-30 miles for two weeks. A few years ago, there was a period of time when there were only 6 new caches published over a four month time span. Can't get a large number of consecutive FTF days (or even a find a day) when there are no new caches being placed.

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I've not had consecutive days with an FTF, but caches aren't published every day, either, so that'd be tough to pull off. But I did have a stretch recently where I was getting one every couple of days:



01/18/2012 3 days

01/24/2012 6 days

01/26/2012 2 days

01/30/2012 4 days

01/30/2012 0 days

02/01/2012 2 days

02/18/2012 17 days


I never considered myself to be an FTF hound, but it was kind of exciting to pull a few in here and there :)

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Bring on the griefers... :P If FTF's aren't your game, no need to reply... just say zero or one and leave it alone.


Consecutive day FTF would be quite the feat! Especially if you live in a populated area with a few ftf hounds... One might have a good chance on a distant power/numbers trail, if no other geocacher rushed out, and if you could resist the urge to do more than one per day along the trail :P hehe

I think the more achievable FTF streak would be per month. I know the gsak stats includes a 'number of consecutive months with FTF' count. I know a number of people just around here who have over 12 months in a row with an FTF. I'd have a good length, but there was one month that was dry for local publishes, and I failed; what made it worse - I got an FTF on the 1st of the next month. GAH

The other nice thing about aiming for monthly FTFs is that once you get it, you don't have to identify as an FTF hound for the rest of the month ;)

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