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Cell Phone Alerts

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I've got a suggestion. It doesn't sound too difficult to me (from where I'm sitting icon_wink.gif ).


Could an alert be sent to a cell phone via email for the alerts that are currently going to our email account? The cell phone alerts would be much smaller in length so that they would fit in the small limits often found on cell phones. There's a lot of text in the normal email that really isn't necessary on the cell phone.


I would like to see things like:


[username] logged [find/not found/etc] on [cache name] at [date/time].


[username] [dropped/picked up] travel bug named [bug name] at [date/time] in cache [cache name].


Seems to me to pull this feature off the site would need to accept an additional email address and perhaps a flag indicating if they want that type of notification.


Would anyone else find this useful?


Thanks for your consideration of this feature, implemented or not!

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On a service plan that I have, I get 100 free. Then it costs $0.02 to recieve a message and $0.10 to send one.


It isn't free, but it isn't too bad depending on the plan they sign you up for. You've gotta agree to a long term commitment (generally 2 years) so it has its down sides! icon_smile.gif

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