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Pocket Queries - missing Spoiler-fotos

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I really like the Pocket Querie-generator for preparing cache-tours.

Unfortunatelly i have to check all caches pages by hand because i havent fount any possibillity to see if there are spoiler-pictures on the page/logs which are often needed to find the cache.


Often the caches descriptions in areas where i am around dont have encryptet hints enough to find the cache but have spoiler-fotos.

so i really need them. when mnaking a bigger tour i would like to have the spoiler fotos on my laptop to look at them when needed.


So i need the ability to see on the generated gpx-report that there are spoilers and much better the ability to download the spoiler fotos from the gc.com page.


at the moment i look at the cache pages by hand and have to give each picture a name with e.g. the waypoint-name to enable my finding the picture corresponding to a special cache...


A tool like gpx-watcher already helps so that i dont have to download any page other than receiving the Pocket Querie but still the pictures ae missing...


Any ideas how to to this?



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Using either GPX Spinner or gpx2html and Plucker will generate html pages that contain the proper links to any images shown on the page, and you can configure Plucker to download and display those images.


However, if the image is only linked to, and not displayed directly on the description page, then the GPX file does not contain the link to the image, and you will have to continue doing as you have been.

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