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I've waymarked ten painted utility boxes by the same artist, Vanessa Stafford. When I go to the painted utility boxes and do a search for her name:

<Painted Utility boxes by Vanessa Stafford>

I only get 8 of the ten waymarks. The two that do not show up are the two most recently filed, WMDQBR and WMDPRN.


The same is true for another artist, Arturo Thomae.

<Painted Utiltiy boxes by Arturo Thomae>

This query produces no results, but should result in waymarks, WMDQQD and WMDQBK, again waymarks recently filed.


This happens on multiple computers and different browsers at my house. Is there a Waymarking search problem that doesn't show recently filed waymarks? This appears to be the same problem discussed in <Missing WM in search.>

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On a similar note....

yesterday I was on someone's profile, viewing their posted waymarks. I clicked on the number next to the category title, and was given a message that the search produced no waymarks. Huh? I should see ALL of their waymarks under the category when I click on that number.


I often have issues with a search, but I don't know what I am doing wrong!

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