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New maps are terrible - go back to Google

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I think I've given the new maps a fair chance to win me over, but they absolutely suck compared to Google. As mentioned in other forum threads, the satellite view is VERY slow to load - almost unusable. And the standard MapQuest street map doesn't include streets in my subdivision that were put in 5 years ago and have had people living on them for 3 years. I am a paying subscriber, and I expect better service than this if you want me to renew my premium membership. If Geocaching.com was a totally free site, I could see why you were crying in your beer about having to pay for map service from Google. But you sell premium memberships, you sell a mobile app, and you sell all kinds of branded merchandise through your on-line store. I suggest you bite the bullet and pay whatever Google wants for its maps before all your members leave.


Since Google is basing it's map fee on the number of hits per day, maybe you should think about making Google maps available only to premium members. Let the free users have the worthless maps.

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