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Etrex 10 GPX help

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I recently purchased the Etrex 10 for geocaching. I am running windows 7 and easy GPS. I have loaded 500 caches into the unit, and recieved them from the unit into Easy GPS. All the caches are there.


When I turn on the Etrex 10 and goto geocaches, only 19 of them show up??? I know the rest are in there but how do I find them?





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would have been nice if Garmin would have included that bit of info with their manual.



Here are a couple of other things that aren't documented, but I found by trial and error (as well as some emails to Garmin tech support):


1- In theory, you can store up to 2000 geocaches on the eTrex 10 -- and those 2000 "slots" are separate from the regular waypoint storage.


2- In practice, it would be impossible to load that many geocaches because there isn't enough memory. The exact number that will fit will vary, due to different size cache descriptions and logs. You're probably getting close to the limit with the 500 you loaded. As you start to get close to it you'll get "Low Memory" warning messages.

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Thank you very much, it would have been nice if Garmin would have included that bit of info with their manual.


I appreciate the help...

I have found the exact same problem, only 19 of ~100 caches downloaded are displayed.

I agree that it would have been nice for this to have been mentioned in the manual (or even online!!)


Also found that if I download the geo-caches as simple waypoints that it will only displaying 19 of them as well. Must admit I am a bit disappointed with this :-<.


Glad I found this post to help explain it.




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