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Dakota 20 or Oregon 450


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Looking at buying my first device this weekend, just can't really decide what to get so many devices. Ive been looking at the Dakota 20 and Oregon 450.


Just wondered what the owners thought of these for ease of use etc.


Can i load a route onto these devices with multiple caches on, at the minute i'm using my iphone 4 and having to switch off and switch back on to save battery and just have to seach nearby caches as cant load maps onto it.


Thanks for any advice in advance.

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It appears money is not an option which I would assume it's not since the two you have listed are quite a ways apart on dollars. Both are great GPS units. If it was me and I'm not worried about the dollars I would get the Oregon 450T. T as in topo maps included.


I use an Oregon 550T and love it. Not a lot of difference from the 450 up to the 550, but the 550 also has a camera with it.


I've been around several people with both the Dakota and the 450 and all love them.

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I hate shopping, just when you think you've made your ming up someone tempts you with a good deal.


Been offered a brand new Oregon 550T for £260, didn't really want to spend anymore than £200 and just don't want to get a device that i'm just going to find to complicated to use! Arghhhh. What to do.



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There is no point, IMHO, in paying the extra money for the T model when you can find great maps for free.


While the Oregon and Dakota units your looking at have a good difference in price they are fairly similar in features. If your willing to spend the extra money i think the Oregon is the way to go. I have a Dakota 10 myself and love it. But i often wish i had a bigger screen.

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There is no point, IMHO, in paying the extra money for the T model when you can find great maps for free.

If you want shaded terrain, you need the T model or Garmin's (not free) maps.


Terrain shadin requires a Digital Elevation Model. Third party maps won't include DEM data because Garmin has never disclosed their format and no third party tools exist to use DEM on Garmin.

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Being lucky enough to have to friends that each have one of the two units you ask about, I can tell you that you will probably not regret choosing either one. Screen size does appear to be the big difference.


I agree, do not get the T models as there are several free alternatives. Spend the money on a Birdseye subscription to get you the sat stuff. Also, what they want for the camera in those two units is very unreasonable and don't even have as high of resolution as most cell phones these days.

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£220 for an Oregon 450 or £260 for an Oregon 550t I would choose the 550t. For £40 you get the larger built-in memory, 3MP geotagging camera and installed TOPO maps. Well worth the extra money. If you don't want the 550t, let me know where I can get it.


It's through a friend who has a contact at a company that also has the same name as a well known rainforest, they are £299 but with his discount is £260.





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I have a Dakota 20 and it is a really good unit to cache with and is under £200 on Amazon at the moment. I have just recently upgraded to the Oregon 550 because of the camera and larger screen but in my mind apart from that, they are equaly as good as each other.


Both units have good routing abilities, just make sure you download the updates for the devices and you may want to check out the free maps from talky toaster.


Talky toaster maps

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