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[Feature Suggestion] Google/Bing Maps.... Subscription


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I have a personal distaste for mapping companies in general, & wish they would be more regulated by our goverment. However that is a moot point that probably won't go anywhere until more people (The general public) realize how much those mapping companies are really S**wing us! Once more people start updating their GPS head units in there cars at a price of $300+ a year!


But I digress... (Sorry)


My suggestion is this...


Google & Bing maps, as well their Satalite HYBRID image mapping is of great quality. Sure their is alot of improvement both companies could make to their data, as well as making it more accurate.


OpenSourceMaps is good... but the COLOURS they use in the maps, are VERY HARD on my EYES! The contrast between roads & background, as well as the differences in the roads are EXTREMELY hard to see! (Light gray on a white background... Seriously??)


Because Google & Bing have switched to a higher priced system...


What about having an ADDITIONAL subscription for us geocachers that would INCLUDE the use of Google/Bing maps (Streets & Satalite Hybrid)


Call it Premium Plus or Premium Gold or something. Say for an extra $50 a year. This level would provide us with the capability of using Google &/or Bing maps... including the Satalite Hybrid Maps as well.


As much as I don't really like their pricing model. I would be willing to pay EXTRA in subscription form to have Google &/or Bing maps return to geocaching.com as well as our iPhones/iPads.


Sorry folks... Unless OpenSourceMaps can do something about their color scheme I can't stand them. If you can't see the map, then it isn't much use to you. Hmmmm makes me wonder if someone who is color blind could make an ADA complaint... then again its free & opensource so probably not.


Mapquest... can't stand them. Don't even like their own mapquest iPhone/iPad app!


Map programs I use on my computer, iPhone & iPad? Delorme, Garmin, Co-Pilot, Microsoft Streets & Trips.


So how about it? An upgrade level to premium service for an additional yearly fee that includes use of Google &/or Bing maps?



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