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german - english translation

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How do I convert German into English on the cache description. I am going to Germany shortly and hope to do some caching whilst there but do not speak enough German to translate the info. Can anybody help

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I got by for three years primarily using Google translate. It is certainly not perfect, but it can be close enough most times. I wouldn't use it for puzzles or multis unless you're fairly sure of the translation.


If you're using GSAK, you can edit the cache descriptions, cut out the German, and paste in the English. I wasn't caching paperless back then, so typically I'd just try to compress the information down to a few words or bullet comments, compile it in one Word document, and use that.


Some common German hint words:


am Boden - on the ground (nicht am Boden - not on the ground)

Höhe - high/height (seen in combination a lot: Augenhöhe = eye level; Kopfhöhe = head level,

Baumstamm = tree trunk

Würzel = root (or sometimes stump, though Stumpf = stump as well)

Bank = bench

Efeu = ivy

Magnetisch = I think you can guess that one.

PETling = PET preform

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