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COMPLETED (33667) - Clicking cache icons on map doesn't work on mobile devices


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Ipad support


The new maps now actually display the cache icons on the maps. YAY !!!! This is great since the beta maps didn't display the cache icons. However, when I click on a cache icon nothing happens.


Ipad2 iOS: 5.0.1


Same here. There are no names or codes for the images of the caches, and they don't link to the cache pages, so the only thing the improvements do is help you see if there are caches in an area. You just can't get there from here.

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I can't even get the icon to work on a PC using Google Chrome Browser

This is a backward step in my opinion and makes the GC maps pretty much unusable.

I used to print off the google map satellite views so that I could see what sort of terrain and buildings were around when I was navigating to caches. Now Mapquest Aerial view doesn't work and neither do the icons

Not happy

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Funny though that when displaying a pocket query result on the map clicking a cache icon DOES work! A cache popup shows up and you can click it for details.


So it does not work on the "search" map, but it does work on a "pocket query" map.


iPad/iPad2 running IOS 5.0.1

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This was supposed to have been fixed on last Tuesday's update - total fail

The new maps are poor but at least they are usable, and there are several workarounds now for chrome and Firefox, but this iPad/ tablet issue makes these devices unusable for geocaching. Well unles you want to cover the entire globe in pocket queries that is.


Please can we have a solution to this, or in the very least reassurances that geocaching.com are taking us seriously.

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there are lots of other topics, but i want that Groundspeak is hearing this!


dang, im waiting for month that i can use my ipad for researching new caches. if i heading to www.geocaching.com/map the new map appears, everything is ok. i see my founds etc, but today: i cannot open any listings


whats wrong with a app for the ipad? the website isnt working fully....


bring a ipad app!


ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad ipad......

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same here on the ipad


i want this ipad app.... i dont understand why there is NO native ipad app.......since ipads has the 3G option, it makes sense to go caching with the ipad.


covered in the survivor case from griffin is really no problem....


and because we pay money for the premium and the expensive iphone app i think there must be no discussion about a ipad app

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I don't know how the rest of you are getting the new fix to work on your ipads but it is not working on mine. I did a reboot, I cleared the cache in safari, I even stuck my tongue out on the rightside instead of the left but still can't get it working. I have to tap on the cache icon several times and it might open the info bubble. Then when I tap the cache bubble it jumps across the page. Doesn't matter where in the bubble I tap. Andt then sometimes it just disappears.

I know nothing about programming and bug fixes but the features that we use to have when we used google map are not there any more and I sure do miss them. I thank you for your continued efforts in trying to get these problems solved.

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This now seems to be working for me, using the Android browser and Firefox on an Asus TF101. Thanks to Groundspeak for getting the fix out.


However... it does seem to be rather slow. The map and cache icons load up fine, but it can be a while (minutes) before tapping on an icon works for popping up the details. I think that the problem is due to the number of caches in view. My default view of the map shows approx 70 caches (I live in a city with lots of active cachers). Even when I pan and zoom to a view where there are only a couple of caches, it still takes ages to get the details - probably because the site is still loading the backlog from the original 70.


My workaround is to get to the view I want, then use the URL from the "link to this map" box to reload the map with that initial view. The details then load relatively quickly (although still somewhat slower than on the full sized laptop).

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. I have to tap on the cache icon several times and it might open the info bubble. Then when I tap the cache bubble it jumps across the page. Doesn't matter where in the bubble I tap. Andt then sometimes it just disappears. .


Yup. This is the case for me suprisingly moreso on my iPad han iPhone. I have to tap several times to get them to open, and then the box shoots across the screen.



But sometimes, I click it just right and it opens up right away and the box stays where it should. So I'm careful and use a light touch. And that works about half the time.


I assumed it was my first gen iPad just getting lazy and slow. Because I can't recall That happening on my iPhone. Then again, i rarely use the maps on my iPhone ...

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