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How do I get a refund?


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Is it even possible? I had just renewed my three month subscription last week.


I don't need any premium member features. Stats aren't that big of a deal. I never go out to find new caches in a FTF run, and I don't use PQ's as I have two phones and an Ipod which I spent a combined total of $30 for the apps for. (android, WP7, iOS)


The only reason I continue to purchase premium membership is for the maps. I'm not even kidding. I have no use for my membership now.


In fact, I base everything I do in the geocaching world on the maps. If I want to know if I can get a cache on an errand run, I load up the maps, use satellite view, look for nearby caches around the locations, and make a decision based on where it looks like they are. Regular maps just don't show if it is in a small woody area in the middle of the parking lot, or a lamp post.


I plan entire trips using the maps, I have one planned for this weekend, a 6 - 7 hour tour around New Jersey to get about half of the counties. I made a custom route in google maps, and compared it to the same google maps on geocaching, and refined it until I made the perfect route. I wanted to finish it up, and it's been a tremendous pain, the maps are simply too different for a quick comparison. Especially without a high quality satelliete view.


In fact, one of my favorite ways to pass time was stolen from me. To look at the maps and see all my smiley's. It is just simply too hard to understand the information on these maps, map quest is horrendous.


Basically, I have no use for my premium membership anymore. Not that the maps were taken from me.


Can I request a refund? I have literally no use for my premium membership.

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