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mis-labeled find

Momma Nonna
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I accidentally selected Grab when I logged a TB find. It was my first (of many I hope). I should have selected Retrieved. When I went back to edit it to Retrieve, I could not change the selection. Is there a way I can make that change?

So Long To TheGilby3?


Your 'grab' is correct. This was still listed as being in the hands of another cacher, your only options would have 'grab' or 'discover'.

I think what you are wanting to do, it to make it show as having been in the cache you got it from. Not a problem.


Use the 'visited' log to show that it was in the cache. Mention that you are dipping it to show that it was there when you grabbed it.


Easy as pie.


EDIT to add: the other cache had apparently moved it from Hawaii to your location. Good grab!

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Ultimately, there's not much difference between "grab" and "retrieve," they both get the TB in your inventory. If the TB wasn't in the inventory of the cache where you found it, you can always edit your found it log on that cache and have the TB visit the cache then.

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