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For Trade: Sony Clie (Palm) PDA's for Paperless Caching

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I've recently been given 4 older Sony Clie' devices.They are Palm compatible devices circa 2004, not too exciting but they are all in excellent functional shape. They run CacheMate and iSilo and have a Memory Stick expansion slot for loading tons of .gpx's. I'm going to leave one of them in a local cache for a special cacher, but the other 3 are up for trade. I have two color and one monochrome, first come first preference for choice.


All I'd like to trade for is a geocoin or two, unactivated of course so that I can add it to my small but growing collection. If you have a personal signature or state themed coin that's even better!


All of the units are processor/speed identical, only difference is monochrome on one screen. They all hold a decent battery charge and the screens were always used with a screen protector so no scratches. Each unit will come with a charger and USB connection for your computer (two have a dock and one has cables) and a screen protector or data sleeve zip up cover (again, two have a screen cover, one has a data sleeve). I will include the Clie CD of drivers as well.


I live in Idaho, but I am willing to ship to the US or Canada with a small flat rate priority box, and if you're willing to send the coins first (yes I know that sounds scary, but email me and we'll talk), I'll cover the shipping cost. You can email me via my profile or respond in this thread and I'll email you!

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