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moving to MO


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Welcome to the area. There are a few cachers in your area including a few active cachers in Warrensburg and Sedalia. You will be about an hour out of Kansas City, which as you can imagine has a very active caching community.


I’m not sure about what the terrain is like in your part of the Dakotas to give you a comparison. You will have easier access to many more caches that’s for sure.


May I ask if you are going to be affiliated with the base in some way?

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Hey everyone i am moving to MO soon. Any cachers in the knob noster area? If so how is the area?


Hah! How neat. I grew up in Knob but just started geocaching last week. Knob's a pretty chill place. I worked at Whitman AFB in the chow hall and never had the impression civilians did not like the airmen. It's a laid back place. Lot of the nice housing off base is occupied by airmen. I visit Knob a few times a year and plan to do some geocaching with my next visit. Panther Steakhouse is a nice little diner with a salad bar. Friendly service. My dad works as chief of police in Knob though and there's not really much crime in the area and the cops are pretty nice. Lot of people I graduated high school with are raising their family now in the area. One of those small towns that people enjoy retiring at. Lot of country stations in the area though but 98.9 has rock as I recall.

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Yes i am a military member. Hopefully that doesnt make other cachers in the area dislike me. I know many americans hate military members, and people around areas of bases usually hate us the most.

Oh and to add to this, most people in Knob are kids, spouses, or are related to someone in the Air Force or military. I really never heard or saw any hostility. My dad is a retired airman. I hope you enjoy Knob. It's small but it's nice for what it is. I spent most of my life there.

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