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Struve Arc project.


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I'm geocacher from Latvia and I'm looking for NGO (Non-govermental organization) from 1 or 2 nordic countries and 1 or 2 Baltic countries. This NGO can be based on geocachers or geocachers can be only some participants and main idea of NGO can be different but it should be registered oficially not just group of local team of cachers.


Reason why I'm looking for is that I have project idea about Struce Arc (http://en.wikipedia....ve_Geodetic_Arc) that includes Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and also other countries. In few words- it's UNESCO herritage of land measuring technics before GPS was invented.


Aim of project would be organizing seminar (also geo-event) in Jekabpils, Latvia related to geodesy as prep meeting and later on we could visit places related to Struve Arc in Latvia ( coord.info/GC2MW61) and of course do some geocaching.


What benefits would you have? Well, food and transport is financed by nordic ministries so it means you ave possibility to travel cheap, get to know geocachers from other countries and have some (or lot) caches in Latvia. In future we can plan to make similar multi caches in other countries too.


Write me using my profile page on gc.com (udajs_16) or e-mail Varis.Liepins@gmail.com if you are interested.

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