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RIP Steve Love; Aka Sven.

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I heard the tragic news today that fellow Geocacher known as Sven sadly passed on the 4th.


His videos on YouTube (Geocache Spoilers) were what really inspired me to try my hand at more creative caches and I for one will greatly miss his work.


RIP Buddy.




That is horrible. I had my disagreements with Sven over the videos, but we came to agreement on several aspects of them. Sad, sad news. RIP.

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RIP Sven.


I to had a few areas that I did not see eye to eye with him. But it still boiled down to opinions. He had his and I had mine.


One thing that is not arguable is that he made geocaching look fun like it really is. He did draw a lot of people into this hobby with his videos. I really enjoyed watching the videos that he did with his own caches.


He was a smart man with a sense of humor in his videos. This is a tragic loss of a human life.


RIP Sven.

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His contribution to geocaching will be missed. He placed some great caches that had many favourites awarded them.


His videos although not welcomed by all were interesting, inspiring and entertaining. They brought many new geocachers to this hobby that we all enjoy. He also made great videos of motorcycling, the other common interest I had with him.


I only had the pleasure of meeting him once.


A very sad loss to geocaching but a terrible loss for his partner and children. My thoughts go out to them.


RIP Steve

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This is hard to believe. It's always a tragedy when someone this young dies, especially if they have family.


His last log, January 26, 2012. He seemed happy.


Took me much longer than it should have to find the log. Think Sven think!


FANTASTIC idea and well worth pain the op must have gone through lugging the dadgum thing up there.


BTW the thing in the top of the cache has some largish holes in. Could do with replacing.


REALLY REALLY good idea for a cache. Loved it, wish I could give two favourite points...Can't really see the log getting wet on this one ;)

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I never spoke to Sven, but felt like I knew him thanks to his fun and interesting geocaching videos which prompted me to think outside the plastic box cache hides. He will be missed here, we loved watching his videos and looking forward to the next clever hide, I feel like I have been punched and my thoughts and fond wishes are with his family.


Sadly missed, RIP Sven

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I never met Sven, never talked or emailed with him. But I was very impressed by him, he seemed to be a man who stood up for what he believed in. He was passionate about things, and I admire that.


Thanks to the Internet, Sven could influence people on the other side of the world like me. I really looked forward his caching videos and he inspired me to aim higher and be creative. I will miss him, and will mention him in geocache logs that are worthy.


My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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We had spirited and sometimes heated debates over all matters caching - most recently over the GAGB elections - he certainly had strong views and the ability to put them across. Never met him in person but was looking forward to it at one of the megas this year.Sadly now not to be



paul b

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Sven / Steve was my brother. He and Cup got me into geocaching. His death is still horribly raw for the family but I came to check news had reached the Geocaching community, it was such a big part of his life.


Many thanks for all the kind comments. When the time is right for me I will take over his caches and get them re-enabled.


I've struggled to contact so many of his friends who were spread throughout the country / world. If any of his friends want the funeral details they can contact me on here via PM, as you can imagine I have lots to do but will try and respond to any messages I receive, I know Steve made a lot of friends (and a few enemies) in the GC community.



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With so many active geocachers around, I don't know all that many in the UK personally, but I'd seen Sven.'s YouTube channels and read his forum posts. It's not the same as knowing the man, but it made his passing that bit more of a shock. I was sorry to hear the news and my thoughts and hopes for peace go out to his friends and family at this horrible time. It shouldn't make a difference, but when it's someone who's not yet lived a full, long life, the tragedy is only compounded.

RIP Steve - You'll be sadly missed.

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I've only just found out. After exchanging a few friendly messages with him some weeks ago during his caching ban I checked his Youtube videos and found the work of a great geocaching enthusiast. I went a little out of my way to log many of his unique caches; an amusing and challenging experience. Shame that most have been destroyed recently.

I was looking forward to meeting Steve at some cache event in the future, and I find it hard to imagine that this will never happen.

My thoughts are with his close friends and family.

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Although I never met Steve, I did exchange e-mail messages with him and watched every video he posted. What a sad thing. I will miss him. I didn't agree with everything he did, but he certainly did contribute to the geocaching community worldwide! My condolences to his family and friends. And rest in peace, Steve.



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Terrible news. Watched a fair number of his videos on Youtube, which gave me the urge to create some "not just another piece of tupperware" caches. His contribution to the Geocaching community will be missed, and my thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends at this time. Tragic.

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I loved watching his videos! They inspired me to think outside the box and try to create inventive new caches. I would check like 5-6 times a day to see if new videos were uploaded and I even created my first cache based on one of his videos. I loved his rants and caches and seeing new places. Even though he was in the UK and I am in Tennessee of the US, he made geocaching better for my team and I. You will be missed Steve Love and God bless his family and friends!

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Rip Sven I too have watched many of his videos on Youtube and when i came across Trojan Horse @ i was determined to solve it and solve it i did after staring at it for 2 days he will be a greatly missed member of our community and for that reason i started a thread to nominate him for Geocacher of the Year along with Txgasoil from Texas who also passed away recentlyNominate Geocachers of the Year

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Oh Boy ...... I knew something was going on whe TROJAN HORSE 2 was disabled, Been trying for some time to figure it out .......... My Thoughts now are towards his family and how they are gonna cope with his Passing. I am a Newbie to geocaching and I have beed inspired by his Videos on "YouTube" .. I felt that I knew him although he never knew me.. More determined to figure out this Trojan horse 2 cache than ever Before .. Missing Sven's contributions already ... Dave

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After recently getting back into geocaching I was on youtube and just over a week ago I stumbled upon Geocache spoilers which I loved, watched them all, very entertaining! they have given me so many ideas for my own caches.


So I was shocked to come across this topic, very sad to hear :-(, I never knew Sven and had never spoken to him but you can still form strong opinions of people youve never had the pleasure to meet, Sven came across a fun loving, friendly guy who had a keen sense of humour and I'm sure he will be deeply missed by all those that knew him.


Great loss to the caching community to loose such a character.


My familys thoughts are with your family and friends.

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We were shocked to hear the news, Sven is the reason we are geocachers now. As a muggle I was taken around his superb moorgreen series and was instantly hooked, some of his caches were genius and have never seen anything yet to compare! Was planning to do the whole series with my wife, over the next few weeks, instead we are sat slightly numbed. I know his videos upset some people, but I loved them! Geocaching has lost one of its stars, all the best to his friends and family



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Its a shame. I noticed he was also known as Svengali and missed on the bike forums as well.


I went back and watched almost all of his Geocaching videos, and by the way, noticed the great sense of humor I hadn't noticed only seeing a handful before. But I also watched the bike videos too for the first time. Those were great!!

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