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I added a cache and never added that there was a collectable in it. I remember I saw a tick box whilst posting previous caches(without collectable) Its under Dalkey Castle,in Killiney, Co dublin if anyone wants to review it for me. I have tried to edit listing,but cannot find the correct area. Any assistance appreciated before its found.


Also its been published but isnt showing under Geocaches (yours) section. Any reason why?

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Looking at your profile, I can see that your new cache Dalkey Castle has been published.


You say that there's a "collectable" in it - Do you mean that you have placed a trackable item (that's a travel bug or a geocoin) in it?


Is it a trackable item that belongs to you, or is it one that you retrieved from another cache?


You can drop a trackable into your new cache's inventory by putting a Note log on your new cache and selecting the action "Dropped off" for the item you want to place there.


MrsB :)

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I thought you could Mark items as a collectable which meant they could keep it.

The "Collectible" selection is for the owner (it's a way to organize your Trackables). If you'd like someone to keep your Trackable after you've activated it, you'd adopt it to the other cacher. But most people leave a gift Trackable unactivated.

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Thanks, it was a Raleigh bicycle badge. I thought you could Mark items as a collectable which meant they could keep it. Not to worry, my cache was found today so delighted anyway. Thanks to you all


Th owner of an activated traveler can mark it collectible but I never saw the point of that fairly new option. Usually if it's a gift it's left in its unactivated state.


It kind of muddies the waters because it used to be that if it was activated it should never be considered collectible. That option adds another "if".


Anyway if you mean you released a geocoin and forgot to activate it, then no problem. The finder will know its a gift. If you activated it, then you can mark it collectible any time you want I believe.

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