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Lackey Meet and Greet in Buenos Aires Feb. 25


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Hello South America!


I know that there is not a huge geocaching community in South America... YET, but a fellow Lackey and I are taking a trip to Argentina this month and we would love to meet any local or visiting geocachers!


We are hosting a small meet and greet and would love anyone who is around to stop by.

Lackey Meet and Greet


Also, if anyone has any MUST find geocaches in the Buenos Aires or Ushuaia Area, we'd love to hear them!

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i wana share something from my country, The Galapagos Island, hope you enjoy itand his Natural Events


GALAPAGOS, also known as the "Enchanted Isles", offers a unique opportunity to view animals in their natural habitat which are completely unafraid of man. The islands, which belong to Ecuador, straddle the Equator about 600 miles off the coast of South America.


Their isolated setting and mixture of tropical and cold currents have produced a unique set of habitats and a cast of characters to match: the only penguin in the tropics, a flightless cormorant, sea lions from the North and fur seals from the South. On land the dominant creatures are large reptiles. Clearly no conventional paradise, the lack of fresh water and stretches of barren lava have kept humans away.


It is strange to see flamingos and penguins side by side. Long distance voyagers like the waved albatross or green sea turtle return after years of travel to breed on the same spot their parents once came. Whales, dolphins and sharks also use the archipelago as a 'rest and refuelling' base and today they still find sanctuary here.


Each island is completely different - from large mountainous peaks shrouded in mist and forest to mere reefs of submerged rock and coral. Their most famous visitor was Charles Darwin in 1835, to whom they were "eminently curious''. It was his visit here that helped inspire his theories on evolution. Though low in species numbers, a high proportion are unique to the archipelago. They have been dubbed "a living laboratory of evolution".


In the absence of man and large predators all the creatures evolved without fear. It is the 'tameness' that is the true enchantment of the Galapagos. You can approach close to the creatures who will not even bat an eyelid. You can snorkel with penguins and sea-lions, be enchanted by the dance of the blue-footed boobies or observe the antics of the waved albatross.


Today the Galapagos Islands are a World Heritage Site and they were declared a national park in 1959. Because the uninhabited islands are far apart, a boat cruise of some sort is needed in order to see the best sites. The numbers of tourists are restricted by the national park authorities. It is advisable to book as far ahead as possible, though we have access to a variety of cruise options. Four islands have human populations, and hotel based options are possible.



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