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Do a pocket query with the wireless beacon attribute selected. While not all owners of chirps have selected, most have so it should bring them up!


It seems very easy to create a "Chirp" cache and then not use that attribute. I have searched for "Chirps" using that attribute in my "Pocket Query(s). At the time I thought, "what if the cache owner forgot to activate that attribute?"


Even if a cache owner put information in their cache listing it may get missed. When I use my Oregon to search for a cache I do not always read the cache page info or hints. I never cache with the chirp feature turned on because I have read that it uses the batteries up quickly.


In all honesty I have not actually found a "Chirp" hide yet. I have run several "Pocket Query(s)" intending to attempt one but they have never been located near enough to my planned caching route. I remain hopeful! :ph34r:

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