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How Frequently are Profile Statistics Updated?

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Newbie here but it seems my profile statistics don't actully match my cache finds. It has been over 12 hours since last updating my log and finds yesterday but the stats have not changed.


I searched help and didn't see any reference to this. Am I missing something?

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By themselves, they update every 24 hours or so. But if you go to your statistics from your own profile, there's a button to update them immediately.


I have 6 finds which is shown on profile, but the Statistics Tab only show 3. Where is the immediate update button please?

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here is my experience with this -


statistics update immediately when someone looks at them, as long as it has been 24 hours since the last update


you can see this by the update time at the top of the page

(it is GMT, so you will need to adjust it for your local zone

but you should notice that the minutes match the current time, if you are the one that caused the update)


so . . .

if you have not looked for a week, they do not get updated at all

(why should they, if nobody is looking)

then, when you go to have a look, they update right then

but they will not automatically update again, untill 24 hours have passed


I believe that this applies no matter who looks at the stats

as in , you looking at your own stats, you looking at the stats of somebody else, or of somebody else looking at your stats


however, as noted above, there is a clickable box on the stats page that will make the update happen right away

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