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GPS's that allow spontaneous geocaching?


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Hi, I'm new to geocaching, and am have been geocaching through the app on the iphone for a few months now and I like it, but would like a proper GPS for better durability and battery life.


I have one question: Are there any GPS's similar to the iphone where you don't have to connect your GPS to your computer in order to upload caches? I.e One that encourages spontaneous geocaching rather than planning it out. A GPS where you can "search for nearby caches" out in the field and get a map full of caches near you.


Basically what I would love is a GPS which encourages a similar way to geocache as the Iphone. Does such a thing exist?


Thanks in advance.

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maybe the next big device will a gps that you can also use as a phone. (instead of a phone that has a gps)

How would you know the difference between that and a phone with built-in GPS? Would it have a great GPS but a lousy phone? :blink:






From what I read in Consumer Reports and elsewhere plus my experience with my iphone most all the smartphones are lousy phones. They are super flashy PDA's with a ( sometimes) internet connection that are great for texting, surfing, gaming, and many other ways of wasting time and a great source of income for the App Store . The Geocaching App works great but the phone is horrible when trying to actually hide or find a geocache .....in time one device might do it all WELL ( the key word ). I'm deaf in one ear and wear an aid on the other so I REALLY appreciate a phone with load clear sound....a really old flip-up my wife uses blows away my iphone.

While your smartphone could well take care of your " paperless " caching needs I recommend one of the new " paperless " GPS units.....then you could leave your smartphone home and have a really nice day on the trail.

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maybe the next big device will a gps that you can also use as a phone. (instead of a phone that has a gps)


Oh, maybe something like this??


nuvifone G60 - discontinued product


nüvifone G60 is the only phone to fully integrate the world’s best-selling GPS navigator with voice, data and mobile web.


Because GPS is integrated and not just an application, nüvifone allows you to do more, such as talk on the phone while continuing to navigate.


Always know where you are and where you’re going with nüvifone. It provides the easiest, most advanced and intuitive navigation experience of any phone currently available.


3G phone

large touchscreen display

Garmin GPS navigation with preloaded maps

HTML web browsing

Gmail™ and text capable with location link

3 MP autofocus camera

e-mail and text messages

Bluetooth® capability

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... have been geocaching through the app on the iPhone ... would like a proper GPS for better durability and battery life...

Just buy a GPS and a premium membership.


It isn't very time consuming or difficult to load your GPS weekly or daily with thousands of geocaches near you, before you leave the house. And you'll still have your phone with you most of the time anyhow, right? So you could check any time you wanted to see if there was something nearby that you didn't load onto the GPS.

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Plan ahead and run PQ's (Pocket Queries) and load them into a Paperless GPS.


If you're really caching spontaneously, eg. Well away from where you expected to be, and hadn't planned to be...


I use this method:

Handheld GPS.

Use the phone to get the cache page, and enter (by hand!) the coordinates into the GPS.

Log a Field Note on the phone and fully log the cache on the computer later.


Not a 'high numbers' method, but for two or three caches it works well.

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The geomate Jr was my favorite device because it could update the entire country with one click. Didn't matter where I was, I just turned it on and started caching! Going on vacation to another country? ... it was 2 clicks on the computer to load the entire county you are visiting. Sad to say its now dead and gone. I have been looking for something to replace it... but there is nothing like it. I miss it. I now have to sit and load caches for every trip ( and need to know where I will be in advance. Yuck

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