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Where? What? On an iPhone?


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Do you have a GC number for the cache coords you were given?


You can search using GC number (on the front screen of the APP)?


You'd think the ADVANCE SEARCH would work by putting the coordinates in, but it doesn't. And the MAP IT feature coordinates don't use the same format coordinates. Pardon, was just clicking around trying to learn something.

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Select a cache to search for and hit the Navigate to Geocache button. On the map there is an icon with a flag at the top of the screen. Hit that and enter your coords there. Hit the Set to Goecach Location and it will now direct you to the new cache.

Actually, you went one step too far. "Set to Geocache Location" will cancel the manually entered coordinates and set it back to the posted coordinates. Once the coordinates have been manually entered, all you have to hit is "Done".

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Ahh, yes, the tap the flag and "set as target" and there we go... Thanks for your help, now just need the two foot of snow to go away, so I guess it will have to wait till next weekend.


There's No snow where you are now!

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