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coin / tb logs deleted


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I have a geocaching ID and a Forum ID - which is stated so on my profile. I have been geocaching for quite some time and moved and discovered several hundred coin/tb's


That's a "sock puppet" and it's against the Forum Guidelines.




5. Sock puppet accounts are not permitted. A sock-puppet account is created and used by a person who already has a primary account, for the purpose of posting anonymously. Posts from known sock puppet accounts may be deleted, and both the sock-puppet and primary accounts may be suspended from the Groundspeak sites. Please use your real, primary account for posting in the Groundspeak forums.
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This topic is dealing with the deletion of valid logs to the point of losing your stat count. It is not about the whole 'visited' thing.

Yes, any of the following trackable log types should never be deleted:





Any others I'm missing? Any deprecated/obsolete ones?

There definitely needs to be some facility to prevent deletion of these, or at least notification of deletion and the possibility to appeal to appeals@geocaching.com for restoral like there is for cache logs.

Personally, I would equate the "visit" trackable log to the "note" cache log as far as importance. Neither affect any stats, and for the most part no harm is done if one is deleted. The other log types absolutely affect stats, and so should never be deleted (unless proven to be bogus, inappropriate, etc.).

+1 and well said.



Add another +1 to the bunch for us. :P


+1 for me too!

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Essentially, this apparent final word makes the value of placing logs on trackable items from the perspective of the geocacher lesser. At least, for those who put value in the historicity of their trackable item logs, they'll need to realize that it can change at any time by the owner of any item they've interacted with.

That's unfortunate.

But it appears to be the word from TPTB, even though it doesn't address the possibility of unlinking users' logs from explicit display

on the item's listing page (in that deleting a log from the listing page wouldn't affect the geocachers' personal log of that item).


Value the owner rights to control how their item is displayed.

Value the geocacher rights to retain a record of their moves and discoveries.

It doesn't have to be one or the other.

Alas... this thread could quickly become locked just as the other did, so I'm bowing out as I really am not much of a trackable tracker anyway, as it were. Just looking to promote some middle ground between the heated sides of the opinion coin.

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first id like to thank every one that spoke on this issue.

i have my own way of looking at this

but GS has made a decision and thats that.


im not sure what went on out side of the forum but

either way its not right to carry it out of the forums.

so to help out and keep the other forum from moving over here

im closing this thread.


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