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Help with a GPS.

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I'm trying to buy a GPS but i'm not sure what kind to get. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't spend to much though so please don't suggest two, three hundred dollar units. Please and thank you! :P


good price for a one with the high rez chipset receiver. I found many a cache with mine. only downside is eventually the black rubber around it will seperate[known issue with many garmins]

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Most of these members have more experience than we do but ... if you have a smartphone you could probably get a GPS app fairly cheap. I know a lot of people use them for Geocaching.


Correct, at the moment I'm using my Galaxy S2 (Android) with a couple of good free apps until I decide on a dedicated GPS unit. So far it has got me within 1 metre of every cache I've found. Admittedly I've only found 11 so far but still, not bad going IMHO.

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