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DECLINED - Favorite Points Not Being Received At Right Time

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You can do that yourself by attending a few events. As they don't count for favorite points you can use them to sync your find count with your "number of caches till the next favorite" count.


Only downside is that you won't be allowed to attend events once they are in sync, as that will throw of the count again.


In other words. Even if they could make it so, the number will be of again the next time you attend an event anyway.

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If events don't count then I've picked up 4/5 favourite points I shouldn't have...

I currently have 2359 finds of which 50 are events (46 regular events plus...)

So according to your logic I should have 1+230 favourites and be due the next one in 1 cache time.


http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx says:

Logs Until Next Favorite Point: 7

Total Favorite Points: 236


I maintain, as previously on UserVoice, that the problem comes from initially logging a find that requires cache-owner confirmation by writing a note and later editing it to a 'found' log. It's a trivial issue but I don't buy the explanation given.

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