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Mega Wales Accounts

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My first remark is well done to Mega Wales for staying in the black after their recent Mega, not that this was ever really in doubt of course with the excellent support of the caching community.

I’m a little surprised that they have seemed to have been a little secretive regarding the accounts and with very little ceremony or consultation placed them on the Mega Wales website. There are some outstanding questions I would like to ask regarding these accounts, that I would like a response to.

I will state however this is neither a witch hunt nor an attempt to have a go at the Mega Committee in any way, shape or form, and the peoples involved in the account keeping, as I have stated publicly, have my utmost respect and trust.


Why is there only a brief summary of the accounts, when in the constitution its states that “The treasurer is responsible for managing the organisations finances. The accounts will be ‘open and transparent’ the exception to this would be in the event of a donor wishing to remain anonymous the entry should reflect this”.

This brief summary does not seem to be open and transparent?


Why have cachers not been informed of the Charities their monies have been given too? Could you provide us with a breakdown of the Charities and the amount of monies donated to each?


I just feel that people who donated and contributed money should have the opportunity to know to which charity the money has gone?


Kind Regards


Anthony (mollyjak)

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Usually this kind of venture you would appoint an Independent Trustee to over see the accounts, this person (Usually a Solicitor or Accountant), this person would liaise with the Committee, or at lease the Treasurer, and oversee all Financial transactions in the form of a submitted account, this is a terribly important thing to do if you are also dealing with 3rd party donations to Charity, as it can avoid such actions like litigation.


A wise move would be to make the venture incorporated as a non-profit making business organisation, and submit your accounts to a Accountant at the appropriate time.


They also would make sure that you had both the correct Event and Public liability insurance, which is an absolute minimum legally, as by taking on a venture with any financial implications in any form they would be required.



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Unfortunately, the quote from the Constitution is incomplete: it goes on to say “available for inspection, at reasonable notice, by any committee member.” As for open and transparent, I believe that our Summary Final Account is, at least, the equal of that of any of our predecessor holders of the UK Mega account. And we have posted it on a public website, which we are under no obligation to do.

Our original intention had been to notify people of the posting via an Announcement through the event listing and/or the S Wales Forum, as the official event discussion base. As it happened, both of these were removed from our use before the accounts were finalised. Through no fault of the committee, the finalisation of the accounts took longer than we would have liked. I would add that the accounts have also been subject to independent audit.

With regard to the charitable donations, the total sum was divided equally between the five Mountain Rescue organisations operating in S Wales and the Wales Air Ambulance.

In the absence of any direct queries about the accounts since the Mega Event, I am not sure that there is a great deal of interest in this subject, but I am happy to respond to any reasonable questions. However, I would suggest that an open forum is not the most appropriate place to do this.


With regard to Moote's comments, this sound advice comes more than two years too late for us. We did, however, lean heavily on the experience of our predecessors … and learned a lot along the way!



Mega Wales 2011

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