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Geocaching.com Privacy Statement?

Mike & Stef

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Does geocaching.com have a privacy statement?


If so, where is it?

If not, will there be one?


My dad is interested in becoming a geocaching.com member. He even bought his GPS unit through a geocaching advertiser. However, he is concerned that his email address will be passed on to spammers.


Thanks bunches.

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I can't officially speak for Geocaching.com, since I'm not, but I can say that I've been an active member with the same e-mail address since May 29, 2001, and I have not received one spam on that address. (I use different addresses different places so I can track spam.)


Privacy statements are nice (when the company follows them), but several years of uninterrupted honest and upstanding service is worth quite a bit more in my book.


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Privacy statements change at the discression of the company posting them. In other words. at will and you can have your email put on a spam list due to a change. After all if they change a policy do you get to 'take back' your email address?.


Geocaching.com can do the same. You have to look at real world performance. The Snazz post covers it.


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