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Offset Icon vs Multi-Cache Icon vs Puzzle Icon

The Blue Quasar

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Hello all.


I wish that there was a unique icon for the OFFSET cache idea. To me an OFFSET cache is a "one jump only" in that the co-ords listed lead to a VIRTUAL-ish spot that then takes you to the real physical cache by some kind of recalculation.


However a MULTI cache involves going to 2 or more places to pick up info or micros that combine to reveal the cache co-ords. Or a culmination of a series of traditional caches.


So, in my mind. OFFSET is within walking distance of the listed co-ords AND only one stop. Whereas MULTI may involve several stops and probably driving between them.


This way people could tell ahead of time what they are looking at time-wise.


As for the Puzzle Icon. I honestly don't see the point. I have a puzzle series, it still is a multi-cache no matter how I spin the idea.


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This is yet another thing that would be handled by the oft-discussed (sometimes at length) "cache attributes". Once we get closer to them, I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion, but in the meantime.


An offset cache is indeed a multi, as there is, by definition, more than one waypoint (the original and the final).


As for a puzzle attribute, there exist caches wherein only one waypoint is used, but that waypoint does not have its coordinates given in cleartext. Such caches are single-waypointed, and so they do not qualify as multi-caches. If, however, the "puzzle" were to find some relation between the published coordinates on the cache page and the actual coordinates, the cache would involve more than one waypoint and would therefore be a multi-cache.


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Thank you for clearing those concepts up for me. I understand must better now what makes a puzzle cache or a multi cache what they are.


As for the offset, I attempted to find discussion of it as it's own type, but I am glad to see it is among the things been looked at.


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There is a time and place for everything.


It's called 'college'

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So the possible idea for the future is to have cache catagories with optional sub-catagories. I wish I could credit the person that said it, the idea of flags.


As an example


----> Multicache icon (then sub icons for Virtual Cache, Offset and boat)


So the seeker would know that it starts at a Virtual and you then go to the new location and you will need a boat to get there.


I realise this is an extreme example.


I guess I am just assuming a AAA/CAA kind of entry (like they use when describing a hotel or restaurant)


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