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Minecraft Geocache

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does anybody see a problem with this?


It kind of depends on what you're trying to accomplish (aside from the obvious Guideline issues mentioned numerous times in the thread, which you seem to have glossed over....love your enthusiasm, however).


1. If you're trying to get Cachers interested in playing Minecraft, I'm afraid that without the benefit of the Smiley on the Find, you'll have yourself an uphill battle.


2. If you're trying to get Mincraft gamers interested in Geocaching, just judging from my son and his friends behavior, my guess is that you'll have a tough time pulling them away from the computer screen and outside to find the cache ;)


Best of luck!

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i want to do this now; i think i got a valid solution too.


have two cache containers. one at the posted coords that anyone can sign; however if people want a challenge and to have fun with it. they can do the minecraft version of it.


if i get permission to do this. i will probably do ten of them and buy path tags to give to people who complete all ten.


does anybody see a problem with this?


Also i would prefer to have a map download so i do not need to have a server running. the rules state "HAVE" to. since there is the easy method. do people think then a download would be acceptable?

I think the Minecraft version would be a total blast, but I don't see any way you're going to be allowed to put a link on the geocache's page to a download. Maybe if you make it very clear that it's optional? Maybe if the link were on your profile rather than the cache page and the cache page pointed people to your profile? idk - I'd create a dummy cache page and ask my reviewer before spending too much time on it because I don't think it's going to fly. But it'll be sweet if it does.

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