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Hedgehog Geocoin


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I have a couple of my New Jersey Pine Barrens hedgies left. For trades I'm interested in V1 and V2 Nerds, 12-12-12 multi event coins, an Electric Blue Sea Star, Czech Stone (round version), Czech Cloth (red thread), Czech Wood (light colored version and NOT the wooden nickel sort), Lil Rhody 2010 (fluke) and 2011 (starfish).


Also cash if none of those coins are forthcoming. .


e-mail sent. Thank you.

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Hm... In Batch 5 Part 1 picture is emty Hedgehog type D

In the description there is the text: "D = angeblich nicht aufgelegt worden" which means something like: "reportetly not published"


Maybe woejam can give the right answer here?!


Sure, no problem.

That edition has not been made. It was listed and reserved, but before production, it has been decided to cancel that one.

There are more codes then actually amount of versions x 20 because there were some problems with an edition for which additional coins have been made with new codes.


We are currently doing the final checks on batch 6 artwork.

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i'm searching some hedgehogs to complete my collection.


Batch 1


A = Texel Island Edition

B = Brabant Forest Edition

C = Vlammish Coast Edition

D = Rio Carnaval Edition

E = Provence Lavender Edition

F = Arctic Ice Edition

G = Mediteranean Edition

I = Berchtesgadener Land Edition

J = Salzburger Land Edition

K = Bavarian Edition

L = Baden-Wuerttemberg Edition

N = Oslofjord Edition

O = Mississippi River Valley Edition

Q = Riviera Forest Edition

R = Carolinas Edition


Batch 2


A = Bohemen Edition

C = Grand Canyon Edition

F = City of Esslingen Edition

K = Varmland Edition

N = Albino Edition

O = Kiss Edition

P = Ice Age Trail Edition

R = Bremen Nightshift Edition

S = Allgäu Edition

T = Schwaben Edition


Batch 4


I = Bremen rot/weiß Edition

J = Neckar-Diva Edition

K = Neckar-Prinzessin Edition

P = Schönau am Königssee Edition


Batch 5


E = Upland Edition

F = The Belgium I Edition

G = The Belgium II Edition

I = Nova Zembla Edition

J = Aruba Edition

L = Yucatan Edition

M = Snowdonia Edition

N = Antelope Canyon Edition

O = Posbank Edition

Q = Pyrenees Edition

R = Eifel Edition

S = Joshua Tree Edition

T = Siberian Edition

V = Mojave Desert Edition

W = Andalucia Edition

Y = Tirol Edition

Z = Dommeldal Edition


an actually list you can find here myGeoDB


Thanks for your help.


I only can buy the sweet Hedgehogs inform me what you search.



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Hello everybody. I don't know where i can ask this question. I will ask it here. I know that in geocaching world is exist a coins "Hase und Igel". Maybe someone can give a link, where i can look at all varies of this coin, or can sell it to me???



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Hello everybody. I don't know where i can ask this question. I will ask it here. I know that in geocaching world is exist a coins "Hase und Igel". Maybe someone can give a link, where i can look at all varies of this coin, or can sell it to me???




Well, it was mygeocoin.de (Sepp&Berta) who send this coin into production but it was my idea & design. B)

Mygeocoin.de sold half of the coins in their shop and they were immediatly sold out.

We still have a few copies left but we don't ship our products and only sell them here in our

shop or on geocaching events we got to.



Dashing Surveyor

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As I sit here with my hedgehog in my lap, I must ask... are these still available?


I have some of Batch 6 Great Lakes version that should arrive any day now if you might be interested.


Can you send me a message with pricing and such once they come in?

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Hello everybdy =)

Let's get up this theme =)

I have next hedgehog geocoins to trade. Each geocoin - 35 US Dollars or 28 Euro.

Batch 1 - B (Brabant Forest edition)

Batch 1 - H (New Jersey Pine Barrens edition)

Batch 1 – S (The Canadian I edition)

Batch 2 – B (Ardeche edition)

Batch 2 – C (Grand Canyon edition)

Batch 2 – G (Waldschrat edition)

Batch 2 – H (Moonfire edition)

Batch 2 – K (Varmland edition)

Batch 2 – L (Rehbach edition)

Batch 2 – M (Huahin Beach edition)

Batch 2 – O (Kiss edition)

Batch 2 – Q (Lower Bavarian edition)

Batch 2 – S (Allgau edition)

Batch 2 – T (Schwaben edition)

Batch 3 – C (Bubble Gum edition)

Batch 3 – D (Dalsland edition)

Batch 3 – E (Limburg edition)

Batch 3 – F (Banff edition)

Batch 3 – G (Nova Scotia edition)

Batch 3 – H (Fremont edition)

Batch 3 – I (Yorkshire edition)

Batch 3 – J (Moravie edition)

Batch 3 – K (Sognefjord edition)

Batch 3 – L (Algarve edition)

Batch 3 – M (Dordogne edition)

Batch 3 – P (Lowlands Halloween edition)

Batch 4 – A (CoinAddict edition)

Batch 4 – B (Austria edition)

Batch 4 – C (German edition)

Batch 4 – D (Blue Shadow edition)

Batch 4 – E (Smurf edition)

Batch 4 – F (Grinch edition)

Batch 4 – G (Sunburn edition)

Batch 4 – H (Purple Rain edition)

Batch 4 – L (Herisson - Cannes Festival edition)

Batch 4 – O (Mauve edition) (The Canadian IV edition)

Batch 4 – P (Schonau Am Konigssee Edition)

Batch 5 – A (Friebay Edition)

Batch 5 – B (Mister X Edition)

Batch 5 – C (Harvest Edition)

Batch 5 – H (Mecki Edition)

Batch 5 – L (Yucatan Edition)

Batch 5 – M (Snowdonia Edition)

Batch 5 – N (Antelope Canyon Edition)

Batch 5 – O (Posbank Edition)

Batch 5 – P (Jura Edition)

Batch 5 – U (Cappadocia Edition)

Batch 5 – V (Mojave Desert Edition)

Batch 5 – X (Jutland Edition)

Batch 5 – ZB (Zürcher Oberland Edition)

Batch 5 – ZC (Voralpen Edition)

Batch 5 – ZD (Kir Royal Edition)

Batch 5 – ZE (Harlekin Edition)

Batch 5 – ZG (Marshall Islands Edition)

Batch 6 – A (Carcassonne Edition)

Batch 6 – T (Menton Lemon Festival Edition)

Batch 6 – W (CoolMint Edition)

Batch 6 – ZC (Goslar Edition)

Batch 6 – ZJ (Sakura Edition)

Batch 6 – ZK (Ocean Edition)




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