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How to load Pocket Queries to a Garmin GPS62st from a Mac

Sal and Pal
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Drag and drop can work. However, I use GPSBabelFE on mine. Just be sure to, as BaR said, unzip any large .gpx file you create. You might get some better help here.


Some context might help as well. What steps have you taken? Does your GPS mount as a drive on your desktop? Have you made sure you have the current firmware?


Garmin's site is great help for me whenever I have an issue with my GPS.

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Don't mean to hijack this thread but I have a related issue.


Just received my first Pocket Query. Unzipped and did copy paste to my Garmin Dakota directory ...garmin/gpx. It seems to show all of the caches so do I need to use a GPX viewer? I was expecting to see individual .gpx file for each cache so justed wanted to make sure I'm loading the file correctly.

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