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Travel Bug terminology...

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I've posted a poll in the travel bug forum if anyone is interested. I'm just curious of what people think about the wording on our profile/stats page about the travel bugs owned and found.


In my opinion, "found" probably isn't the best word that should be used in this situation. It appears to be causing some people to log travel bugs, even though they don't move them. The only reason someone would want to do that, as far as I can tell, would be to add numbers to their stats.


I just think maybe the term should be changed to "MOVED" instead... Travel Bugs OWNED/MOVED. And maybe the only time you'd get credit for logging a bug would be if you actually move it somewhere.


Now, this isn't being suggested because I care about the stats or competition - it is being suggested because I can see how it might cause problems, people trying to "grab" and "release" a bug that they don't really have, and haven't really moved, just in order to gain points in the stats.


I'm not doing this to step on anyone's toes or ideas - I'm just posting this suggestion hoping to save everyone from potential errors/problems in the future. icon_biggrin.gif


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