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Cache de Adoção ~ Cache for Adoption

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Olá colegas geocachers, Actualmente, eu próprio o GC2NRVH cache 'Cais do Sodré, em Lisboa, Portugal. Esta tem sido bastante popular ao longo do ano passado, mas, infelizmente tive alguns problemas recentemente tentando mantê-lo, especialmente porque eu vivo tão distante. O cache foi temporariamente desabilitada porque foi muggled e eu não tenho sido capaz de substituir o cache para cerca de quatro meses. Estou ansioso para começar o cache instalado e funcionando novamente em breve para que ele possa ser apreciado por todos. Que alguém que vive, trabalha ou regularmente caches na área gostaria de adotar esta cache? Se assim for, por favor me avise por mensagem privada o mais cedo possível. Muito obrigado, Jamie da W-Clan




Hello fellow Geocachers,


I currently own the cache GC2NRVH 'Cais Do Sodre' in Lisbon, Portugal. This has been quite popular over the past year but, unfortunately I have had a few problems recently trying to maintain it, especially as I live so far away.


The cache has been temporarily disabled as it has been muggled and I have not been able to replace the cache for some four months.


I am keen to get the cache up and running again soon so that it can be enjoyed by all.


Would anyone who lives, works or regularly caches in the area like to adopt this cache? If so, please let me know by private message as soon as possible.


Many thanks,


Jamie of W-Clan

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Hi Jamie!


May I suggest that you write this message on the Portuguese unofficial forums - that have a lot more traffic than this one? I would recommend you to post in http://forum.geocaching-pt.net and www.geopt.org.



Lynx Pardinus


Hi LP,


I had a quick look at both of those, the problem is that as far as I can see both sites are only in Portugese so it would make registering and posting a bit difficult for me but thank you for your help,anyway.



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Hi Jamie


I work near Cais Sodré and i have a cache near ... if you want i can take care of this one.


Best regards



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For info this cache has now been adopted by another cacher. Thank you to all those who replied me on the forum and by PM.



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