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Buying Oregon 550 or 550t


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I have been researching & have found the Oregon 550 for $370.00 & 550t for $410.00 . Both with free shipping. Does anyone know of better pricing anywhere ?I understand you can download free maps to the 550. Where do you find them & is it an easy process ? Been using my iphone for caching & ready to move up. All thoughts & comments will be appeciated.

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I just bought a 550 a couple of weeks ago. Found it on Amazon.com for $348 plus shipping. I get my topo maps (free) from gpsfiledepot.com and use MapSource to install them on the device. I already had learned how to do that with my previous unit, an Etrex Legend.


I'm not sure if I can really explain the exact process of how to do it, but once you play around with it it's not difficult. That's for topo maps, I'm still trying to learn how to handle routable maps for driving.

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If the $40 aint going to break the bank get the T model and have the whole USA topo on the unit. Easy no muss no fuss.

The topos are 100k, nothing to write home about. You can get better topos for free (or a donation) at GPSfileDepot. The DEM elevation grid data might be worth $40 though, since you can generate 3D views with it.

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