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SUBMITTED (33171) - [BUG] Trackable API - TB Date


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When retieving the TB information (not logs) via the API, only one Date is returned and it seems to have no relation to any data for the TB. It's called "CreatedDate", so I'm guessing it's the dat the TB was origianlly added to geocaching.com by the comapany that created the TB (not activated, or released by the Cacher who activated/owns it)


Example: TB3MF13 - The web site shows a "release" date of December 25th 2010. This is the Date I activated it. When I get the information from the API for this TB, I see April 28th, 2010 as the "Created Date". I was not even Caching in April of 2010, so that date is basically meaningless.


Can we get the date returned by the API to reflect the true "Activation Date" instead of the "Created Date"? Or add an additional string for the activation date?





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