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Ocean Kami Compass Geocoin




The next in my Kami Compass series is up: the Ocean Kami. There are four versions:


Blue Lagoon - antique silver with blues, and glow-in-the dark enamel too, for the open ocean

Golden Tide - satin gold with paler blues and greens, a more tropical version

Silver Sea - satin silver with icy colors, for arctic and antarctic waters


And there's the AE, my own personal version with "evil overlord" colors (green, black, orange-yellow).


The coins feature a recessed 3D design under translucent imitation enamel, are 1.75" in diameter and are fully trackable. Additionally, they feature a custom icon: 4988.gif. They're available at The Geocoin Store right now for $9.95 per coin. I hope you enjoy this next addition to the series!

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Howdy everyone,


Due to reasons as stated in the above message (i.e., I am a total dorkberg), I had to end the auctions prematurely and relist them. A thousand apologies! : (


I've edited the original list of auctions to reflect the new auctions, but just to recap:


o Ocean Kami AE


o Ocean Kami AE


o Ocean Kami AE


o Ocean Kami AE


o Ocean Kami AE


Again, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for having patience with me!

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I've actually got three more to sell, but that's all I've got: after these three, there are no more. : ( Also, the time on these listings is a bit shorter: I've got a big inspection at work next week, so I need to be able to get these packaged up on Sunday: the listings are for five days instead of the usual seven.


Ocean Kami AE #6


Ocean Kami AE #7


Ocean Kami AE #8


I'll be heading out the to the post office today to drop off the first paid package - thanks for your interest! : )

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Domo, Jackalgirl!!!


At last, I just received & activated the latest of your wonderful "Kami" 「神」series geocoins, Ocean Kami 「海の神」.

Just beautiful!!!

Well, in fact, I also got the first one, Forest Kami 「森の神」 simultaneously as well.

Beautiful as well!!!


Great to have these two added to my ever-expanding collection of Japan & Japanese-related geocoin.

(What am I missing now?)


I very much look forward to seeing & if possible having the next "Kami" 「神」geocoin to follow in this great series.


Besides, Japanese consider that there lives a "Kami" (= spirit) in everything, believing in 「八百万の神」 (ya-o-yorozu no kami) or "countless kami".

Who's next? We still have eight million -2 left...


Thanks for making this happen!


Good Luck & Cache On!



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