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Blacks discount card withdrawn.

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Just had this email---


Dear Customer,

Due to the recent change in ownership of Blacks and Millets stores we are writing to advise you that the Specialist Group Discount Card is no longer valid. This is with immediate effect. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are a group leader could you please communicate this to your members?

we would like to make you aware, however, that we continue to offer a discount scheme for in store for members / employees of the following organisations:


• Scouts

• Guides

• Ramblers Association

• Police

• Forces



Kind Regards,

The SGA Team


Seems Geo cachers not wanted!!

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We only heard about this card recently, but when we tried to apply for one in blacks a couple of weeks ago they told us it was discontinued.


So we had to rely on Mrs G's guiding membership card.


The answer is to marry a scout or guide leader.

Or become one... it's only an hour a week :lol: :lol: :lol:

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The discount card does nothing to erode the price differential between Blacks / Millet pricing and what you can expect to pay for stuff on line from say Cotswold Camping.

The 70 % 'sale in store at the moment is on very limited products and even still their prices are staggeringly high.

One reason they have gone out of business is that they have forgot their core market [walkers] and gone instead for festival goers and holiday punters.

Why did they decide that trendy clothing was more important on the hill than functional clothing ?

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