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New cachers / old cachers...?

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Hi all.


Not sure when I last posted here... a long time ago, I'm sure. I've had a long break from Geocaching - I think I've found one cache in about three years. However, a very kind soul has loaned me a GPSr to replace the one my (now ex) hubby took with him, plus I've just passed my driving test, so I've got no excuse now.


A while back, I used to post on here lots - but then I lost touch with everyone. So who's still around, who's new, who's left? Does anyone at all remember me? :lol: I'm friends with many of you on Facebook, but don't actually know most of your caching names, just your 'real' ones!


I'm going to a couple of events this year - I've only been to day events before, so it's a bit scary / exciting to be staying overnight, especially when I'm not sure I'll know anyone there!

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Hi Mellers, nice to meet you! Yes, definitely lots more caches around now. Some within walking distance of my house, so that's brill.


Mrs B - I remember your name too. :) And gosh, yes, that was probably my last post. So, so much has happened to me since then - having a baby and unfortunately getting divorced being the two main ones!

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Welcome back :)


You probably don't remember me, but I remember finding your caches in Swansea before you moved to Dorset.



Hi *mouse*, thank you!


I only have one cache left now, some people kindly took over the others for me. No idea if any of the Swansea ones are still there - I can't even remember how many we had there - Dunvant (I think that one's gone) and the slip bridge... not sure if there was one on Gower somewhere.


All these years later, I still work in Swansea, so am often there - I should check if our caches are still around. :)

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I remember you and we met at an event in N Wales in an ice cream parlour for an event by Pop up Pirate - Mark and Lianne - The Cachehoppers.

Sorry to hear about the divorce :-(


We have a very strong S Wales Facebook group if you fancy joining us - email me :-)


and join the camping events - great fun

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