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Tank caches...


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I've never found a tank cache. I don't think I've ever even seen a tank on display before, although I've seen plenty of jets. I've only found one train cache (caboose) that I can remember, and that was a fairly large sized container, one of those floaty containers for keeping your keys and stuff in while boating.

I once found an ammo box hidden under a caboose. It had a special metal bracket constructed just to hold it. Best train cache I've ever done! (the one in Tombstone, AZ where we found both the original and the throwdown was fun, too, though)

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If I had a dollar for every D1 T1 bush cache micro and D1 T1 magnetic on something larger than a car I could quit geocaching. Seriously I like looking for one particular rock in a field of thousands to calim a D1 T1. :blink:


Just my preferences. I'll take any cache I can get. But I wish the difficulty ratings were more to how I view the universe. Nod to Einstein intended!

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We've found a bunch of tank caches along with a bunch of train cars, artillery guns, old farm equipment, junk cars, etc and we enjoy doing them ( they put my 3" telescoping mirror and Surefire flashlight to good use ). I have a few caches on artillery guns myself, one is the oldest cache in the county where I live ( we call them parishes).

I feel on ALL really hard caches, not just of this type, a clue should be given....someone cannot appreciate a cache unless they find it ( phone-a-friend usually gets the job done for lots of folks anyway :rolleyes: )

The worlds most clever, delightful cache would get 0 Fav. votes if it was never found......I think the DNF should go away and RTC ( resorted to clue ) take its place.

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