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Denver, CO to Raton, NM


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Hey All!


I may have an opportunity for a quick cache run from Denver down I-25 to Raton, NM at the end of January, but before I make plans, I have a couple of questions for the locals.


What can I expect the "typical" weather to be like? I don't want to be stuck in a blizzard in the middle of no-where.


Any cool dining recommendations along the route? I'll eat just about anything, but when on these types of treks I enjoying looking for the little known places the locals eat at.


Any recommended caches? I won't have time for hiking, but would hate to only grab "plain vanilla" P&Gs. Anything with a cool view would be great. I was thinking at stopping at Garden of the Gods (place looks really cool).


Thanks for any help!

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Garden of the Gods Trading Post has pretty good food. As for caches along the way.... GC1KXAZ is a good one. Also GC14YQ4 is a good one to stop at.


Weather-wise.... it all depends. It should be fairly nice but anything can happen. Weather in Denver can and probably will be different than weather south of Monument. If the weather is good then all should be good, if there's a storm then it all depends. One place to check would be cotrip.org and look at their traffic cams and road reports.

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Weather: Unpredictable . That said, watch the forecasts carefully. Worst spots are likely to be around Monument and Raton Pass.


Dining: There are a lot of good Mexican restaurants in Pueblo


These are the two we go to most often.


This one is not far off of I25--



This one is way on the other side of town. We held an event here in Oct 2010.

Their own website seems to be down at present--



If you want a good steak, chops, etc, DJ's Steakhouse is a true "don't judge a book by its cover" restaurant. Doesn't look like much from the outside (they have cleaned up the junk & trash that used to be all around it) but has really good food.




Another place that doesn't look like much is The Hangar, but it's very popular for lunch; if you go, get there before 12:00 or after 1:00




Surprisingly, the Pueblo Airport is a good place for lunch, but the nearby cache, which used to be a Reg size is now a micro and may be missing.


Edited to add: Almost forgot about Max's in Colorado City--another place you have to get to before 12:00 or after 1:00 if you want lunch--always very good.


OK that's what I have to say about weather & dining. I'll get back to you about caches.

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Here are some caches that seem to fit your requirements, and are close to I25. I'm more familiar with the southern part of the route, so someone else will have to help with the Denver to Colorado Springs section. I'm not saying that they are all completely unique and something you've never seen before, but each one has something about it that is somewhat special--maybe the location, the view, the hide, the container.


Solve this puzzle at home, then an easy find



An easy puzzle



Another cache nearby



If you happen to be in this area after dark, try this night cache. I haven't done it, but it has been there for over 8 years and still gets good reviews.



The one nearby is fun, too; and some people have said it's easier in the dark.



An unusual container, but not special otherwise



A nice little history lesson (Last log was a DNF)



Not my favorite type, but it is pretty unusual



Don't see too many like this one



Nothing special about the cache, but on a clear day there's a great view

And it's not a 3.5 star difficulty, more like 1.5



An interesting place to stop, even if you don't find the cache

Pay more attention to the name than the GPS



A little different, not too hard



Only container like this one I've ever seen



This one should make you laugh



You may think at first that this is a typical hide, but it isn't



Might as well get this one if you stopped for the one on the other side of the Hwy



The cache isn't special, but the artwork is worth the stop



Another one to make you laugh



An Earthcache -- northbound only



A Virtual, with some history



A nice rest area, if you need one. Cache not too special.



A great view. Northbound only



A Letterbox Hybrid at the welcome Center



A cute one; don't be intimidated by the location



Creative camo


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Here is a virtual with loads of history.


Mining I-Ludlow Massacre


Weather wise...roll the dice.

The two passes that you will have to cross, Monument and Raton, can be very dangerous in bad weather. If the weather is too bad on the passes, CDOT will close them.

Have plenty of fuel (keep your tank filled over half way), water and glove compartment food. Temperatures this time of year can drop well below 0 degrees and with wind chill can be very brutal. South of Pueblo, there are few places to stop and the traffic will be noticeably lighter than Denver to Pueblo. Roadways are exposed to high winds and blowing snow.


On the other hand if you get good sunny conditions, you will enjoy a very beautiful drive. You will see the Sangre deCristo Mountains.

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