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Shiny Gold Pocket Decoder


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My "Shiny Gold Pocket Decoder Geocoin" (TB50MGQ) has a wrong icon.


It should be this: 1921.gif


But it is this: 23.gif


Why is that?

What can I do?


Thank you and best regards


Usually the creator of a coin designs an icon and pays money to get it implemented. This was not the case for the golden ones.


There are three different items you can find in the "All geocoins" list:

Antique Gold Pocket Decoder Geocoin - 1921.gif

Antique Silver Pocket Decoder Geocoin - 2694.gif

Shiny Gold Pocket Decoder Geocoin - 23.gif


In fact, the shiny gold ones seem still to be on sale, as you can see here. Maybe after giving away 25 they made a couple hundred more later and requested a new icon entry. Perhaps those decoders are different than the 25 that were initially mentioned in the forums? I don't know. Looks like there are more than 25 shiny gold ones in total.

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