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I'm coming to Saint Paul

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Hi all! I am coming to Saint Paul for two weeks soon for work, and I thought I would fill in the gaps with some caching! (Of course...)


I was wondering how much snow is on the ground right now?


And hopefully you will get some seasonal temps and I will be able to walk the ice to Bear Island!



I will be staying at the Country Inn just north of the ammunition plant on 85th Ave NE, if you want to suggest any particularly good caches in that neighborhood.




Rob in Indianapolis

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We've had a very unusual winter up here to say the least. I don't think we've had an official reading below zero yet and it was 49 degrees on Monday and 52 on Tuesday. We had a little over an inch of snow on New Year's Eve but that has since melted away.


We are expected to get a little snow today and maybe some on Saturday but nothing significant is expected anytime soon. Last weekend I did a bunch of hiking and only encountered snow in shady areas.


The lakes are frozen over but I'm wary of walking on a lake I don't know.


If you are looking for a nice park to wander around for a few hours you can check out Loch Ness Park which is a few miles to the north of you. Nice series of caches around a walking trail that will probably be pretty empty this time of year.

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Thanks for the reply Team Dennis.


Yeah, with the weird weather this year, I doubt I will be trying my Wintertime impression of Jesus... :lol:


I will check out that park for sure!

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