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Can I buy a membership as a gift?


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MRCPU - Just print up a nice certificate with the activation code and a letter with instructions and put this in a cache.


Was that for a month or a year?


The monthly codes automagically renew at the end of the month.

Is there a way we can buy a code that will stop working in 30 days? (thus not being charged for later service)


A $3 code that I can hide several of would be cool, a $30 code might be given to a buddy as a gift, but it's too pricey to just leave in a cache.


How about this.... $20 for 20 (each code valid for seven days...)

If you've read the first finder thread you'll already know I'm a broken record* on the buying codes idea.


*records were these flat, round, non-shiny plates that contained grooves.

If spun at the correct RPM with a specially designed needle being dragged, sound could be passed to an amplifier of some sort.

If the record became "broken", the needle would play the same section over and over until repositioned... If you're having trouble imagining this, think of a woman who's prone to nagging

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