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Carbon Hunter

Budapest to Bamako Rally

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I think that's a good idea that people log onto their blogsite and wish them well. They have 2 TB's from cachers that are thravelling with them as well as their car is a traveling TB. The codes for the 3 TB's are TB2AM26; TB3WD6A and TB2WJJF.


Good luck to Team Rovingmedics from Qatar.

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They have crossed into Africa yesterday(Morocco).


They were featured on this week's Podcacher Podcast too.




You can send a free SMS to the ROVINGMEDIC's satellite phone during the race at the following link:




Their number is +88216 66661567

Thuraya Online Services



Please do this - let them know there ar friends out there supporting and watching them. They are just 2 cachers doing this - no sponsorship or large support team - they need and appreciate the support.

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