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Is Pocket Query or the PocketGPX . . .


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Whatever it happens to be called worth the subscription fee. I currently use GeoClipping and it is a great tool and allows me to format the pages how I want and put them on my Palm how I want. However, I am tired of looking at every page to do the clip, enter the difficulties and then put them on my palm.


I use the notepad version of geoclipping combined with an index.html page to build an iSilo database for the areas I visit for work. It looks great and works well, it is just very time consuming, hence the questions above.


Is there a sample of the Pocket Query or GPX file on the main page? I looked but did not find. I would like to test it out and see what I can do with it before I become a member. But I guess that is only time anyway. It does not matter where the file is from.


In particular, I am interested in the GPX file and GPX spinner having the ability to spin the files off to html pages so I can continue to use iSilo on my palm.


If there is a sample, could someone send me the link to the file or a sample of the file itself?






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GPXview comes with a sample GPX. But it's a pocket PC program. He might email the sample to you. I've long since deleted it. Or maybe some other intrepred pocket PC user still has the GPXView demo file and can email it to you.


Yes it's well worth the money. For exactly the reasons you are tired of geoclipping.



Wherever you go there you are.

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