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New cache published notification?

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Very curious - I always hear of people being out-and-about when a new cache just 'pops up', or hear of others that are sitting at home and jump up when a new cache is published... Is there a way to be immediately notified (either via e-mail or text or whatnot) when a new cache in a particular area or region is published? The only way I know of is to manually check as often as possible from a computer/smartphone, or to wait until the Weekly Groundspeak e-mail is sent out (and this obviously takes much longer! I'd never be FTF using that method..). Please help! I would love to be able to know immediately when a new cache is published in my town or nearby, if there is any way this is possible I would love to hear advice. Of course if you live in my area you probably wouldn't want to help, less competition for a FTF... ;)



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Help Center → Premium Membership → Benefits → Instant Notifications - Chasing First to Finds


1.8. Instant Notifications - Chasing First to Finds




Instant Notification Service




<3 <3 <3 <3


Exactly what I was looking for.. too bad it took me years of caching before I found this.. But at least I managed to snag a bunch of FTFs in the process!!


Thanks for the help!!!

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You can also have a text message sent to your cell phone if you have that option (rates do apply if applicable) by setting up your notifications using your cell phone number in the "send to" box as shown here. You must add and verify it before receiving though. You dont get the coords in the text message but a link to the cache page.

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I had several notifications set up to alert me to new caches within 300 km of home.

Now however, if I edit them or set up a new notification, the maximum distance seems to be 80 km.

Has this changed or am I missing something?

Hasn't changed since 2010 at least:



I just looked through the original discussion from when the notification feature was just being released, and there are two references to "50 miles" and one of "80 kilometres". Those are basically equivalent, and equal to the current distance restriction on notifications. AFAICT, the distance has never been higher than that.


@gmj3191: Do you have an example of a notification email for a cache farther than 50 miles/80 kilometres? It would be interesting to see an email that said something like the following:

For GCXXXXX: LPC #1 (Traditional Cache)

Location: British Columbia, Canada

102.1mi E (164.3km E)

Note, the above example is completely made-up.

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Now that you mention it, I haven't been getting the long distance notifications I thought I was.

The couple I was thinking about were forwarded to me by someone else. I have 300 kim in the titles of the notifications so I just assumed they were

working but higher distances just default back to 80 km without a warning.

Sorry to bring up this non issue.

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