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Celite Italia Geo Coin Aiuto Help!?

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Ho bisogno di qualcuno in Italia Celita di aiutarmi con monete Geo ho mandato? Il mio amico era stagista laggiù così li ho spediti a lui ma è stato rallentato e adesso sta a casa e il pacchetto è venuto! Ora c'è solo siti presso l'Università ... Please help??




I need someone in Celita Italy to help me with Geo Coins I sent? My friend was intern over there so I mailed them to him but it got held up & now he's home & the package came! Now it just sites there at the University… Please help???

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sorry for the question, but exactly where is Celita/e? are you sure that's the correct city name? I don't know any city or university named Celita and neither seems Google Maps


Sorry for the late reply, I didn't even get a notification I had one.


MY MISTAKE, The google translation messed this up, its Certaldo italy.


Can you help, running out of time?

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Eheh, now it it's clearer, but unfortunately I don't live close to Florence, sorry can't help you, have you tried sending private messages to owners of caches close to certaldo? I'm sure somebody will help you!


Thanks. I have tried it all and I'm ready to give up! I'm really surprised how hard this has been, I thought someone for sure would jump on this, its been 2 months. I will have to just have them send it back.


Thanks for your help.



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