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Can't see photos offline


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I can't seem to pull up photos associated with caches that have been saved for offline use. I have tried saving as a PQ as well as in a saved list, making sure that the "photos" button has been checked. I even go back to the cache listing and check to see that there are pics associated with that cache. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, once I am offline, I get a message that says "can not view photos" "photos are not available for viewing at this time".

What has changed? What am I not doing that I was doing before? I am not positive, but I believe this problem started with the new update.

Thank you for any help

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True, PQ's do not have a photo button. I have always saved my caches in the "saved lists", which does have a "photo" button, but just recently I have found that the photos are not being saved. I also reloaded several of my lists, thinking that I had neglected to check the "photo" button ( sometimes you just don't need 652 downloaded photos :D ). But that was not the case; so I thought " try a PQ, maybe that will solved the issue". Nope, still no photos offline. :(

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