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Oregon 550t


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Also there is a file on your unit in the Garmin folder called Geocache visits. That file will show all of the caches you have found and when. It is the file you use to upload to your field notes on GC.com.


However, you should be aware that file is simply a record of your finds. It does not affect what your GPS displays.

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Thanks for everyone's help, I have figured out how to delete the Geocache_visits.txt file, and have successfully uploaded field notes. When I delete the gpx file every thing is gone from the recent finds, except two locations that I've never physically been to with this device. Both locations I had just zoomed into to look at on the GPS unit, or Basecamp....can't remember which. I tried clearing waypoints etc with no luck.

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Actually there is no need to delete the geocache visits file. All it is is a record of which caches you have found and when you upload field notes, gc.com remembers which ones you have already uploaded. So they will not be loaded even if they are still in the file.


You locations are probably garmin headquarters. They will eventually diaappear. Don't worry about it.

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